Jobe's Organics Fertilizers


Jobe's Organics Fertilizers


Jobe's Organics Water-Soluble All Purpose and Herb Fertilizers are an organic, environmentally friendly, water-soluble solution for healthy, beautiful plants. Jobe's synergistic blend of Biozome® plus organic plant nutrients and beneficial microbes are uniquely combined to enhance soil conditions, stimulate plant growth and increase resistance to disease, insects and drought.

Jobe's Organics Water-Soluble Fertilizer is the perfect solution for your organic garden. Just measure the right dosage using the enclosed measuring spoon and apply to plants by mixing in a watering can or spray applicator.

For super-fast action, nothing beats Jobe’s Organics water-soluble fertilizers with Biozome.


  • Biozome

    • A unique and proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms that improves long-term soil quality by naturally reestablishing a balance between plant and soil

  • Organic

    • Rich nutrients that are safe for the environment

  • Kid and pet friendly

    • No harmful chemicals that could burn the plant

  • Plants absorb the 100% organic liquid formulas immediately for better health

  • More beautiful blooms and better harvests from your organic garden WHEN TO APPLY:
    Every 7-28 days depending on plant


All Purpose=5-2-3


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(1 Scoop=1 Tbsp)

  • Flowers and Vegetables: 

Watering Cans: Thoroughly dissolve 1 scoop of fertilizer per gallon of water.  Feed every 14-28 days. 

Containers:  Apply 8-16oz per gallon of pot volume.

Garden Beds:  Apply 1 gallon per 10 sq. feet.

  • Roses:

Watering cans:  Thoroughly dissolve 1 scoop of fertilizer per gallon of water.  Apply to soil and foliage.  Feed every 14-28 days.  (Small Rose Bush:  1/2 gallon per bush   Large Rose Bush:  1 gallon per bush)

  • Houseplants:

Watering cans:   Thoroughly dissolve 1/2 to 1 scoop of fertilizer per gallon of water.  Use higher rates on flowering plants, heavy feeders and light potting soils.  Apply to soils.  Feed every 7 to 14 days.

  • Hose-End Sprayer

 Pour package contents into hose-end sprayer chamber.  Follow directions provided by sprayer manufacturer.  Contents will cover 800 sq. feet of lawns or 400 sq. feet of garden space.