Woodpecker Deterrent Kit by Bird-B-Gone


Woodpecker Deterrent Kit by Bird-B-Gone


The Ultimate in Woodpecker control, the Woodpecker Deterrent Kit by Bird-B-Gone is super easy and super effective! Your Kit includes 1 Bird-B-Gone Repeller Balloon, 1 50 foot roll of Flash Tape Bird Deterrent, 1 Large Installation Bracket(for Balloon), 2 Small Installation Brackets(for Flash Tape).  This method uses visual deterrents and will not harm birds.  Keep your home safe from Woodpecker damage!

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Installation Instructions:

  1. Install long balloon bracket in center of area to be treated.
  2. Blow up and assemble Bird-B-Gone Repeller Balloon.  Attach to long balloon bracket with string provided.
  3. Hang two short flash tape brackets on either side of the balloon (about 2-3 feet away).
  4. Tie streams of flash tape to the brackets, use lengths of at least 3 feet and no more than 6 feet long.
  5. Once birds "relocate"-the system can be removed and stored.  

The Balloon and Flash Tape will move in the breeze to create an uncomfortable distraction to the woodpeckers, scaring them from the area.