Wren House by Songbird Essentials

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Wren House by Songbird Essentials


Choose the product that lasts forever! The Wren House by Songbird Essentials is made from recycled plastic which will not crack, peel, chip, rot or warp. The hole in this house measures 1” in diameter to attract smaller birds such as Wrens and Chickadees while excluding larger birds such as Starlings and Sparrows. The hinged roof allows for easy opening for viewing and cleaning. Weather-proof tough metal loop for hanging virtually anywhere outdoors.

Wren House measures 8.5”L x6”W x8”H

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Follow these guidelines when choosing the perfect placement for their home.

  1. Choose a location that receives partial shade near the border of the yard or in a large tree. Filtered sunlight that provides a combination of both sun and shade is ideal.
  2. Wrens prefer a secluded area with plenty of cover. This may be nestled in the branches of a tree or a location that includes nearby bushes to offer protection from the elements or predators.
  3. Install your wren house anywhere from 3 to 10 feet off the ground. 5 feet is an ideal height for nesting birds. Higher or lower placements can also work well as long as good cover is available.
  4. Houses should be hung with the attached chain so they swing gently in the breeze.
  5. Face the house away from prevailing winds in the area and avoid areas that receive too much direct wind.
  6. Don’t place bird houses in areas that are frequented by pets, especially barking dogs or prowling cats.
  7. When hanging several houses, space them 20 to 50 feet apart to avoid competition from rival males.


Houses can be hung on man-made structures as long as plenty of cover is available.

If no nearby trees are available, you can mount the house on a post or other man-made structure with a hook. But try to place the hook in a somewhat secluded area, so the wrens will feel safe enough to build their nests.

The secret to finding the right backyard location is mostly about food, shelter and safety. So keep that in mind as you look around your backyard for that perfect spot.