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Garden Center

The Garden Center has everything you need for your yard, garden and outdoor living space including:

  • Garden Tools

  • Gardening Accessories

  • Containers of all kinds: ceramic, wicker, poly, pottery, terra cotta, wood, metal and more

  • Potting Soils

  • Fertilizers & Chemicals

  • Grass Seed and Straw

  • Bee Keeping Supplies

  • Beer & Wine Making Supplies

  • Wine Sales (Local)

  • Chimes

  • Inspirational… Angels, Crosses & much more

  • Kitchen and Canning Supplies, Gourmet Food, Etc.

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • Water Garden Accessories

  • Concrete Fountains & Statues

  • Decorative Rock

  • Bulk Rock, Mulch, Topsoil and Compost

  • Garden & Vegetable Seeds and Supplies

  • Lantern, Oil Lamps and Torches

  • Large Birding & Wildlife Area:

    • Houses

    • Feeders

    • Seed

    • Birding Accessories

    • Hummingbird Supplies

    • Birdbaths

We also have a Garden Pharmacy, to help you with plant care and pest solutions. Free information sheets are available to help you learn more on gardening, plants and wildlife. Come visit us today for your everyday Garden & Outdoor Living needs!

“1st Time Gardeners”

Tips for starting your Vegetable Garden:

  • Deciding What to Grow: Tomato’s, Herbs, and Peppers are great starter plants.

  • Picking the Perfect Spot: Vegetables love the sun! They need at least 6-8 hours of full sun every day.

  • Deciding the size: Start small and you can always expand from year to year. (It’s better to be proud of your small garden than frustrated by a big one!)

  • Soil: Good soil and drainage is very important! Raised bed & containers (16” Pots work the best) make gardening easy.

  • Plenty of Water: Vegetables need lots of water to taste the best!