Garden Solutions - July 2018

            Even though the weather outside isn’t as enticing or enjoyable as it is in the spring of the year, you can still enjoy time outdoors and there are still things that need to be done….


            The most important item to consider this time of year, naturally, is water…. provide water in the garden, not only for the perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs, but also for the wildlife such as birds, rabbits, squirrels, and the such.  And this can be done in several different ways. One would be a simple drip irrigation system to take care of your plant life. These systems can be installed with tools as simple as a scissors or knife. Timers are also available to take even the guess work out of the project for you, and it continues to work even when you are on vacation. This will be extremely important this summer season, even more so then others, because of the dry spring season we have just experienced.

Birds continue to give us enjoyment with new fledglings arriving as well as their daily antics. Water can be supplied in the form of birdbaths, water fountains, or water garden displays. Moving water is a bigger draw for this wildlife activity than still water, and it is safer, too. With moving water, you do not need to worry about mosquitoes.

            Let me give you some other tips for the garden….

            *Keep deadheading spent annual flowers for continued blooming.
            *Keep an eye out for powdery mildew and red spider mites this month in the garden. Treat with Copper Fungicide or Malathion insecticide respectively.
            *Bearded irises can be divided at the end of the month. Discard old center sections. Replant so that the tops of the rhizomes are just above the ground level.
            *Remember to deep root water established trees and shrubs, as well as new plantings, during drought conditions.
            *Dig potatoes when the tops die back.
            *Sweet corn is ripe when the silks turn brown.

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Time to go…. See you in the Garden….
Sandi Hillermann McDonald