Because Who Doesn't Love a Nice, Warm Bath?

Because who doesn't love a nice, warm bath? (Or for the wild birds, any water that is not frozen in winter).



All-Seasons decorative Heated Birdbath with deck mount - $97.99. Optional pedestal - $51.99. Heated Rock De-icer (safe for all birdbaths) - $60.99. Allied Four Seasons Heated Birdbath with tilt to clean deck mount - $80.99. Allied Heated Birdbath with sturdy weatherproof metal stand - $113.99.

Come in and check out our great selection of items to provide water for and attract wild birds:
Birdbath De-Icers from $22.99 to $55.99.
Heated Birdbaths from $51.99 to $113.99.
Birdbath Pedestals from $51.99 to $53.99.