Attract and Assist the Birds


       The cold weather is upon us! It’s time to go the extra mile for our friends with feathers. Make your yard a welcoming place for them to visit during these cold months. Birds need high caloric intake to keep their tiny bodies warm. Offering a mix of seeds and suet works well to provide the needed foods and attract several species. Clean and sanitize your existing feeders, and come by to pick up some new ones! We have a great selection to choose from including squirrel proof types to deter those pesky thieves. Make sure your birds have homes to stay nestled in to guard them from the winter chill, and they will be forever grateful. Don’t forget the birds need water during the cold winter months when open water freezes! Water helps them clean and fluff their feathers for insulation, as well as refreshes them. We have heated birdbaths and heaters to add to a current birdbath to prevent frozen water. When un-frozen water is limited, your heated birdbath will be the main attraction!